maiga_milbourne_writing~A partial list of Maiga’s published work:

The Feminist Wire

Chrysalis Journal

The Operating System’s 3rd annual 30 on 30: Maiga Milbourne on Nazim Hikmet

Soul Fire Farm: Farming as Art. An interview with the creators of Soul Fire Farm for Project Inkblot.

The Anthology, Abuelita’s Voice and the Bird in my Belly

The Yoga Diaries
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Poetry published in Rebelle Society

“In death, I place you in the dirt and ask you to live.”

“The Time when I was known.”

“We’re Wrong.”

Published in Yoganonymous:

“After the storm: feeling fear on Halloween.”

“How to Promote Yourself and Not Feel Weird About it”

“What the Yamas Teach Us About Boundaries”

Published in Elephant Journal:

“Kissing Bill McKibben.”

Published in MindBodyGreen:

“Yoga During a Time of Crisis.”



Philly Magazine’s Great Yoga Challenge

SharpHeels Profile: Yoga, Travel, and Loving Life

Writers Who Read: Maiga Milbourne

I’m Maiga Milbourne, and this is my Dharma



Performing with #GrowFierce at Bluestockings


March 24, 2014 at Bluestockings Cafe, NY, NY


#GrowFierce showcase


February 3, 2014 at La MaMa Galleria, NY, NY

#GrowFierce showcase



“Writing has always been my primary method for understanding the world.  The practice of yoga has been central to my surviving it. The yoga and creativity workshop I took with Maiga Milbourne at the Transformative Language Arts Power of Words conference deepened my connection to both of these practices and helped me to more fully relate the wisdom and rhythms of my physical body with my creative work, and that experience continues to serve my writing, and therefore my understanding of my world.”

– Seema Reza


“As an artist who has been practicing yoga for 17 years, I have always wanted to participate in a yoga practice that seeks to enhance my creativity. I found just that as an attendee at Maiga Milbourne’s, “Yoga to Unleash Creativity” workshop at the Power of Words conference. I powerfully connected my body and movement to creative generation, and left the workshop with written work and feedback from other participants.  I experienced creative possibility within meditation.  During partner work, I explored showing up for others in ways that can be challenging to do for myself.  Ultimately, I steadied and centered, leaving calmer and creatively charged.”
– Taina Asili


“Having left corporate life to pursue my own writing a few years ago, I have found the creative impulse isn’t always easy on the body. Recently, I had the good fortune to attend one of Maiga Milbourne’s workshops, Invoke the Muse: Yoga to Unleash Creativity. The session was radical, in the best senses of the word. Maiga’s fiercely gentle presence was itself a creative act. She guided us through several paired poses designed, I believe, to let the body-mind know: you are not alone in this endeavor. I left there with a new understanding of mindfulness and acceptance—no small thing in this poet’s life.”

– Joy Jacobson
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