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Kuna Yala, Panama

Kuna Yala, Panama


Travel reinvigorates spirit, shifts perspective, & always transforms.  I love sharing access to this beautiful world.  I specialize in planning trips that are low-budget, environmentally & socially responsible, & diet specific (such as vegan or raw-foodist friendly).  You and I will communicate about what parts of the world most speak to you, when you’d like to travel, your travel style (somewhere on the scale of spontaneous to detailed), your budget, & any other information that will help me craft the travel that best serves you.

I have successfully planned varied and activity filled itineraries for trips to Asia, Central America, South America, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Northwest, Southern and Notheast United States.

Each Winter, my husband and I go on a month long, international trip to a new location. Most recently, we traveled to Vietnam, beginning our journey in the north of the country & gradually falling deeper in love with this country as we navigated south.

I am always open to barter.  Fees are negotiable and based on the time spent planning your trip, which will vary.

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~Recently Planned Trips~

September 2018 Yoga Retreat to Portugal

February 2017 Yoga Retreat to Belize

October 2016 Yoga Retreat to Colorado

April 2016 Yoga & SUP retreat to Costa Rica

Jan. 2016 Yoga Retreat to Vietnam

Feb. 2015 Yoga Study in India

Feb. 2015 Yoga & Ski Retreat to the Catskills

Jan. 2015 Yoga Retreat to St Lucia

Dec. 2014 Family Christmas in Vermont

Oct. 2014 New England Fall Yoga Retreat

Aug. 2014 Yoga & Writing Retreat to Vermont

Jan. 2014- Two yoga retreats to Guatemala

El Salvador

Dec. 2013- Family holiday in Savannah, Georgia

Feb. 2013- Ecuador & the Galapagos

Feb. 2012 -Vietnam

May 2011- Panama

April 2011- Costa Rica

Feb. 2011 – Guatemala

June 2010- Port Townsend, Washington



My husband and I decided years ago that we want to travel in the winter. For many years, we didn’t realize this dream for two reasons:  the hectic fall semesters left us too exhausted to plan a vacation, and many warm climate destinations are challenging places for us to visit because we are committed vegetarians.

Maiga took both of these challenges on without a hitch. She listened to our descriptions of what we thought our ideal vacation would be, and she completely hooked us up. The result was a vacation that we actually took… it was stress-free, totally vegetarian-friendly, met our budgetary needs and was so much cooler than anything we would have planned for ourselves.

-Beth Filla


What an amazing experience my husband and I had!  I had not travelled out of the country before, and we wanted to go to Central or South America for our honeymoon escape.  Maiga talked to us about what sort of experiences we were looking for; recommended hotels, beaches, tour guides, activities, and restaurants, stayed in our budget, and helped us make reservations.  She was thorough and communicative, even provided us with a flexible itinerary, and advice about documentation.  We would never have been able to book that trip without an insider traveler like Maiga.  She’s the best!

-Leah Reiley


Maiga is the perfect travel planner because she is thoughtful, insightful, knowledgeable and dedicated to her travelers! The first thing that Maiga does is get to know the travelers and she goes from there. I trust her completely. We had a complicated remit for Maiga: create three different itineraries for Christmas week that would satisfy two 20-somethings (coming from different US cities) and their very busy parents who were paying for everything. She listens carefully and the next thing you know the work is done. We had a wonderful week in Savannah, GA and could not be more pleased with the planning Maiga did for us! Everything Maiga does is done with love and care.

-Lynne Vallone

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